Overview – Advanced Energy Innovation in GI, Powered by Kamaptive Technology

This section focuses on Advanced Energy innovation in GI, covering the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform, the Creo Medical technology portfolio, and the electrosurgical technologies available. The information and resources here vary from quick overviews, to detailed studies of RF and microwave energy. There are also video interviews with Energy Champions, examining why the Advanced Energy innovations in CROMA are so exciting for therapeutic endoscopy.

CROMA & Device Technology Portfolio

This page contains everything you need to know about the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform, Advanced Bipolar RF, and 5.8 GHz super high frequency microwave. You can also see an overview of our endoscopic device portfolio and watch a CROMA In Service (setup guide) video.


Microwave Masterclass

A deep dive into microwave technology and applications for super high frequency 5.8 GHz microwave.


Energy Champions

Engineering, clinical and industry leads discuss Advanced Energy and its applications.


Clinical Papers & FAQs

Clinical papers and Technology FAQs.